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June 10, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to the 53rd Annual Convention of the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) on September 14-16, 2016 at the Fontana Convention Center, Clark, Pampanga. The theme for this year’s convention is “Strengthening the Bond of Research and Practice in Philippine Psychology”. The convention seeks to be a venue for exchange of best practices and cutting edge research in psychology. It will feature plenary and learning sessions, research and practice parallel sessions for two and a half days, and skill-building workshops in the afternoon of Day 3.

The non-refundable but transferable convention registration fee will cover the souvenir program and bag, certificate of attendance, lunch and snacks for three days, and dinner on Day 2. 

Submission of papers has officially closed. Notification of acceptance will be made by June 15. Early Bird Registration begins on July 1 and ends August 5, 2016. Convention and workshop fees follow.

                                                     By August 5      After August 5   
Convention fee PAP members              P4500            P5500   
Convention fee non-PAP members        P5500           P6500
Workshop fee PAP members                P800             P1000
Workshop fee non-PAP members         P1000            P1200

Please also be advised that the PRB of Psychology will hold an oath taking for all who missed this ceremony in the past; it is tentatively scheduled at the conclusion of convention activities on Day 1.

Please log on to to get updates regarding the convention program and registration payment methods. Should you have any inquiries, please email

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the 53rd Convention.


Margaret Helen Udarbe-Alvarez, PhD
2016 Convention Chair


  In August 2016, the terms of five current PAP Board Members will expire.  In the September 2016 PAP election, five positions will be open for PAP board members, who will serve from 2016-2019.   

 We are inviting PAP members to nominate candidates for these five board positions.  The nominees must be currently registered Psychologists and Psychometricians with at least 10 years of experience, at least 3 years relevant supervisory experience, and willing to serve from September 2016 to September 2019.

 In practice, the PAP limits the representation of each organization (i.e. university/college, company, etc.) to three board members at any given point in time.  This practice was put in place to ensure that the board represents as many different organizations as possible.  Please check with your nominee’s organization if they already meet this limit.

 The PAP also aspires to have more board members from organizations based outside Metro Manila. Nominees from other regions of the country are most welcome.

 Any member of the PAP (Affiliate, Associate, or Fellow) may nominate a candidate.  The nomination needs to be sent via email to: and, starting May 15, 2016 until August 15, 2016, 12:00 noon.  The subject line of the email should indicate “NOMINATION FOR PAP BOARD.”

 All nominations should include the following:

(a)   bio-data of the nominee in 100 words or less;

(b)   statement of what the nominee plans to contribute to the PAP (e.g., PAP activities he/she plans to work on, new projects he/she will propose) in 100 words or less, and

(c)    recent photo of the nominee (head shot only please) in jpeg format.

Self-nominations are welcome.  Incomplete nomination materials will not be accepted.  Bio-data and statements that go beyond 100 words will automatically be cut by the Committee on Elections after exactly 100 words.

 Only Associates, Fellows and Regular members of the PAP who have paid their 2016-2017 membership dues as of May 2016 are eligible to vote.

 PAP Special Interest Groups (SIG) will also have special elections for Chairperson of the 1) Teaching and 2) MHPSS SIGs. 

 Ø  We are inviting PAP members belonging to these SIGs to nominate candidates.  The nominees must be PAP members and willing to serve from September 2016 to September 2017.

 There are two approved ways of voting: (1) the eligible PAP member may cast his/her ballot during the PAP Convention in Pampanga (September 14-16, 2016). The ballots may be obtained from the PAP secretariat after confirming their membership status. (2 the eligible PAP member may vote online.   Online votes from ineligible persons (upon confirmation by the PAP secretariat) will be discarded. Online voting starts August 29, 2016 until September 12, 2016 at 3:00 pmActual voting will be from September 14, 1:00 p.m. to September 15, 12:00 p.m. The winning candidates will be announced on September 15, 2016 during the Closing Dinner. 

 Thank you.

Guidelines for Psychologists and Psychometricians Renewing their PRC Licenses in 2016*

Requirement for License Renewal from the PRC for 2016

 • A Certificate of Good Standing from the Psychological Association of the Philippines


Requirements to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) 

 • Applicant must have been an active member of the PAP from the time they obtained their license (symbolized by their payment of membership dues).  

 • Applicant must show evidence of having accumulated 45 CPE points since obtaining PRC license.  

 • Applicants must collate their documents in a clear book and send this to the PAP office at Room 210, Second Floor, Philippine Social Science Center Diliman, Quezon City.  This can be done via courier, mail, or drop off.

 • The file should contain the following documents

o Photocopy of PRC license

o Cover letter

o Application form 

o Supporting documents (please see below for CPE point guidelines)

Deadlines to Remember:



 • Applicants must renew their license from one month before to one month after their birthday month.


 • Applicants are advised to submit their applications for a Certificate of Good standing two months before their birthday month at the latest.

 • Deadlines for submission of application materials will be every 15th and 30th of the month.  Application results will be released a month from deadline.


* Please note that these guidelines are for 2016 renewal only.  Guidelines will change thereafter.  Please keep posted for further announcements.


May 4, 2016

To ALL PAP Members, Registered Psychometricians and Registered Psychologists,


The Board of Directors of the Psychological Association of the Philippines has embarked on a nationwide consultation project for information dissemination and to bring the concerns of our membership to the attention of its leadership.

Consultation meetings have transpired and are being scheduled in different areas nationwide, and the first consultation in Metro Manila will be held at the Leong Hall Auditorium of the Ateneo de Manila University on May 21, 2016, Saturday at 8:30  a.m.

Registration is free but those who wish to attend must pre-register.  Please click here to register.

We look forward to seeing you.


Angela V. Regala, Ph.D.

April 22, 2016

Statement of the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) on the Nature, Purpose, and Utility of Psychological Evaluation Reports

The Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) considers the recent reference of a psychological evaluation report regarding one of the candidates for the coming national elections as an opportunity for clarification about the nature and purpose of psychology as a scientific discipline and professional practice.  Underlying this humanistic science and practice is a fundamental valuing of the inherent dignity and rights of each individual.   

In giving this statement, the PAP wishes to explicitly declare its intention neither to endorse nor to oppose any specific political candidate.  We believe in the individual's right and capacity to form his/her own opinions and political convictions based on his/her experiences and reason. This statement defends this right and is not intended to push for any particular political persuasion.  It only wishes to clarify the nature, purpose, and utility of psychological practices, particularly the psychological evaluation report.  

The PAP wishes to inform the public of the following:  

Firstly, the PAP upholds the proper use of psychological evaluation results, ensuring that these are not utilized as a means of undermining the character of any person, private or public.  The PAP Code of Ethics for Psychologists (PAP, 2009) lists as its first guiding principle the "Respect for the dignity of persons."  In essence, any social science or profession engaged in human services aims to enhance the functioning and wellbeing of any person.  The intentional misuse of information derived from such a service (i.e., psychological evaluation) is a clear violation of this principle.   Using psychological evaluation reports for purposes other than their original intent fosters the stigmatization of people who try to gain access to mental health services and delivery of public health in general.

Secondly, the PAP upholds the individual's right for privacy and confidential communications.  Psychological practice necessitates the careful and secure handling of records and documents concerning clients, including assessment reports. Psychological evaluations or assessments are done for various purposes and in different contexts (e.g., industry, medical, educational, forensic, etc.), and will focus on relevant information that fulfills the goals of the assessment within each given context.  In the event that the psychological assessment report is to be submitted as part of the requirements for a legal procedure, such as, a court proceeding for the petition for the declaration of nullity of marriage, it then becomes a public document. However, this does not grant permission for anybody to use it for any purpose other than its original intent. Psychological assessments are designed and conducted based on the individual’s reason for undergoing one.  Hence, results of the assessment primarily address this reason, and cannot simply and easily be generalized to the person’s other intentions and behaviors.  

Thirdly, the PAP upholds the ethical practice of basing assessment decisions and recommendations on data and test results that are updated and relevant to the current purpose. Hence, we do not utilize outdated and possibly obsolete assessment results to describe and explain an individual’s current functioning.  Assessments done several years back may be valid then but may not be completely reflective of the person’s present functioning. We acknowledge that certain aspects of psychological functioning remain stable over a long period of time, but subsequent interventions or life experiences may likewise affect many aspects of one's psychological functioning.  

Lastly, the PAP would like to correct the common use of the term “psycho test” to refer to the process of psychological evaluations or assessment.  This process often entails the use of various methods, and standardized psychological tests are just one of the methods often employed.  The usage of the term is misleading in that it creates the impression that psychological tests are the only tools used in diagnosing mental illnesses and psychological disorders. The fact is mental health professionals (e.g., psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, etc.) are the ones who diagnose with the use of various assessment methods, not solely on the basis of results from psychological tests. 

The PAP reiterates its mission to strengthen Philippine psychology's scientific base in support of a relevant and humanistic practice of its profession.  We seek to enhance a greater understanding of psychological truths that enhance the wellbeing of each individual, regardless of race, gender, age, education, political convictions, etc. We pray that this statement brings to light the fundamental principles and good practices that guide the profession, which other professions and the general public can appreciate and respect.  




April 12, 2016

Dear PAP Members,

I am happy to inform you that the deadline for submission of abstracts for the 2016 PAP Convention has been moved to April 30, 2016. However, please do submit as early as possible.

Thank you very much. Looking forward to receiving your submissions.


Margaret Helen U. Alvarez
Chair, Scientific Program Committee
2016 PAP Convention



March 31, 2016

Orientation for Interested Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Providers for the  PSYCHOLOGY Profession

April 6, 2016
8:00-4:00 pm
Professional Regulation Commission

Dear Colleagues:

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Council for Psychology would like to invite prospective CPD providers to our 2nd Capacity Building Workshop. Any interested provider can attend – those previously accredited by the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) who were not able to attend the 1st workshop and those who have not yet been accredited.
The workshop will give attendees the opportunity to be oriented to the PRC requirements for becoming a provider and the interactions among the Psychology Roadmap, the MRA Competency Levels, and Career Progression as they need to be integrated with CPD programs.   Attendees will also be given a chance to help shape the requirements for CPD in the future.

The workshop will be held on April 6, 2016. at the Examiners’ Lounge of the Professional Regulation Commission at P. Paredes St., Manila.

For headcount, may we ask you to e-mail the following to by April 3:

Name of Attendee/s:
Contact nos. /Email Address

We hope to see you at the workshop for a lively and informative interaction.


Imelda V. G. Villar, Ph.D.
CPD Council Chairperson



March 21, 2016

Dear PAP Members,

The Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) has launched its search for Outstanding Psychologists to be recognized for the year 2016.

The Outstanding Psychologist Award was first given by the PAP in 1988 and has been conferred every seven years since then.  The award is given for outstanding achievement in all the different aspects of the psychology discipline (teaching, research, practice). It is not intended to recognize achievement in only one aspect of the discipline for which the PAP has separate awards.

The Outstanding Psychologist Award Search Committee is composed of former recipients of the award, and will select the 2016 awardee(s) based on the following general criteria:

1.  He/She should be a citizen of good moral character, with unquestionable ethical practice and behavior.
2.  He/She must have done outstanding work in all the different aspect of the discipline:

    a.  teaching or training
    b.  research and publications
    c.  practice of the profession in one's area of expertise
    d.  substantial contribution to the field that has national or international recognition and/or impact

We invite PAP members to nominate psychologists for this award.  Those who wish to nominate a psychologist for this award should submit:

1.  A nomination letter that (a) describes the nominee's various outstanding contributions to the discipline, and (b) explains why the nominee is deserving of the award;
2.  The completed nomination form that lists the highlights of the nomination letter (form is available for download at the PAP Awards page); and
3.  The nominee's complete curriculum vitae.

Please submit your nominations by May 31, 2016 to:
Outstanding Psychologist Awards Committee
PSSCenter, Commonwealth Avenue
Diliman, Quezon City

We will accept only digital copies and files of nominations (docx or pdf formats) sent through email. No hard copies of nominations will be accepted.
Thank you very much and we look forward to receiving your nominations.

Very truly yours,
Allan B. I. Bernardo
Chair, Outstanding Psychologist Awards Search Committee



February 22, 2016


53rd Annual Convention
Psychological Association of the Philippines
September 14-16, 2016 (Wednesday to Friday)
Fontana Convention Center, Clark, Angeles, Pampanga

Theme: “Strengthening the Bond of Research and Practice in Philippine Psychology”

    In discussing the status of Philippine psychology in 2012, former PAP president Allan B. I. Bernardo pointed out that global psychological science has “advanced in an exceedingly fast pace, with theories, methods, and analytic techniques moving ahead at rates that make it very challenging for Filipino psychologists to keep in stride.” “Fortunately,” he added, “there are some psychologists in selected institutions who have managed to effectively engage the important knowledge production functions of psychologists by addressing psychological questions that relate to the specific aspects of the human and social development concerns in Philippine society.”

    In the years since, we have taken up the challenge to have a larger proportion of the Philippine psychology community participating in building psychological knowledge that would be useful for Filipinos and for Philippine society. Thus, in this year’s convention, all of us are expected to benefit from such work through the sharing of research, best practices, and learning experiences.

This is an official CALL FOR PAPERS. For Abstract Submission, please go to Kindly refer to this site or the PAP website at for further announcements.

Deadline for Abstract Submission is Friday, April 15, 2016. Papers may be submitted either for oral or poster presentation.  These may cover either a completed research or best practices in psychology.  Abstracts for learning sessions, which aim to share skills and knowledge in research methods, publication or the practice of psychology, may also be submitted.  These are further described below.

Paper Presentation. This refers to oral presentations of individual papers on a research study or documentation of psychological practice. These presentations will be clustered into a maximum of four papers per session (no more than 15 minutes per presentation) based on a common theme. To facilitate the grouping into clusters, please take care in providing relevant key words in your abstract submission. For presentations with multiple authors, kindly designate a main or primary presenter.

Organized Symposium. A symposium refers to a set of three to four different presentations (no more than 15 minutes per presentation) plus a summary discussion that cluster around a common topic, issue, or subject matter with the aim of providing complementary or divergent views and perspectives. To foster inter-institutional collaboration, presenters in the symposium are encouraged to come from at least two different institutions. Organizers shall have the prerogative to select and to re-organize papers submitted as a symposium should the need arise.

Poster Presentation. Posters involve the use of a visual aid to illustrate a study. Presenters are expected to interact with viewers of their respective posters about their research during their assigned schedule. Guidelines for the poster size and content will be provided to those whose papers are accepted.

Learning Session. Learning sessions aim to teach participants specific knowledge or skills pertaining to current trends, teaching, practice and/or research and publication in Psychology. Sessions are typically an hour and a half (90 minutes) long and should be able to accommodate as many as 100 participants. Submitted Learning Session abstracts should include specific learning objectives and a summary of the content of the session.

Titles should not be more than 12 words. Abstracts should be no more than 200 words.

To encourage a broader participation in the convention, only one submission will be allowed as a primary presenter.  In the event that an individual has more than one submission as primary presenter, only the earlier submission will be prioritized for screening.

As all submissions and subsequent communications will be done online, you will be required to provide an active Email address that you check at least once a week.  The confirmation of this working Email address is the first step to making a submission.

Click here for your submission.  If the link does not take you to the appropriate web page, make sure you are online and paste the following address to your browser

After successfully submitting your abstract, it shall be evaluated and screened by the Scientific Program Committee.  Accepted papers shall be notified through the verified Email address by Wednesday, June 15, 2016.  This acceptance letter from the Scientific Program Committee will also serve as the official letter of invitation.

The submission of an abstract implies that the presenting author commits to be available and to present on any of the convention dates (September 14-16, 2016).  Thus, presenters will be required to pre-register by Thursday, June 30, 2016.

Margaret Helen U. Alvarez
2016 PAP Convention Chair


December 16, 2015


The 53rd Annual Convention of the Psychological Association of the Philippines will be on September 14-16, 2016 at the Fontana Convention Center, Clark, Philippines on the theme "Strengthening the Bond of Research and Practice in Philippine Psychology". Call for Papers and registration details will be announced very soon.

See you all then.


Margaret Helen U. Alvarez
2016 PAP Convention Chair




Pursuant to RA 10029, the “Philippine Psychology Act of 2009,” the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) formulated rules and regulations (Source: Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA10029) relative to the registration of psychologists and their continued practice of the profession. In relation, the PRB Psychology would like to give emphasis to the following as defined under the Republic Act No. 10029:

Under Article VI (Registration), Section 22 (Disclosure of Registration Information) of RA 10029, "The Psychologist or the Psychometrician shall be required to indicate his/her professional identification card number and date of issuance, the duration of validity, including the Professional Tax Receipt number on each document signed, used, or issued in connection with the practice of his/her profession". This same provision is repeated in Rule VI Section 22 of the IRR of RA10029.

Moreover, in Article VIII (Prohibited Acts, Penalties, and Enforcement of this Act) Section 33 (Prohibited Acts), "No person shall:

1) Engage in the professional practice of psychology or psychometrics nor represent himself/herself as a     professional practicing psychologist or psychometrician without a valid certificate of registration or valid     professional identification card, or a valid special/temporary permit granted by the Board pursuant to this     Act...

2) Represent himself/herself to be a licensed and authorized practicing psychologist or psychometrician     during the time that his/her certificate of registration has been suspended or evoked, or professional     identification card without being renewed...

3) Allow any other person to use his/her COR or professional ID...

4) Use, exhibit and/or misrepresent as his/her his own the COR or professional ID... of another;

5) Give any false, inaccurate, misleading or incomplete information to the Board in order to obtain a COR or      professional ID... "

Article VIII Section 34 (Penalties) further states that "Any person who violates any provision of this Act and its Implementing Rules and Regulations shall be punished with imprisonment of not less than six (6) months but not more than three (3) years, or a fine of not less than Ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00) but not more than One Hundred Thousand pesos (P100,000.00), or both, at the discretion of the Court."

In Section 36 (Enforcement), Article VIII of RA 10029 further specifies, that  "It shall be the duty of all duly constituted law enforcement agencies and officers of the national, provincial, city or municipal governments to uphold and enforce the provisions of this Act and to investigate and prosecute or cause the investigation and prosecution of any person violating the same"...

For further details on this, please go to for a copy of the RA 10029 and Implementing Rules and Regulations for  Registered Psychologists and Psychometricians.


June 9, 2015

Warm summer greetings to all! 

We are at midyear 2015 and many exciting things have been happening.

The PAPJA 28th Annual Convention was held last January 23-24, at SMX Convention Center and Far Eastern University.   For the first time, we had 5,000 Psychology student delegates from all over the Philippines and 102 workshops were offered on the 2nd day of the convention.

Relative to PAP Internationalization, the 5th ASEAN Regional Union of Psychological Societies (ARUPS) Congress 2015 was held in Singapore from March 25-27.  The theme of the Congress was “Professionalizing Psychology: Raising the Standards of Psychology for Nation Building.”  Member countries of the ARUPS include Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.  Country representatives belong to the recognized Psychological Associations of the member countries.  I am proud to report that the President of the ARUPS for the next two years is our esteemed PAP member, Dr. Maria Caridad H. Tarroja!

In line with PAP’s efforts at continuous professional education (CPE), the various divisions and Sigs, and certified CPE providers have been busy hosting workshops and providing training throughout the year.

Last January 30, 31 and February 1, the MHPSS SIG conducted PFA and KATATAGAN Training to members of the organization called SABAKAN PAGADIAN in Zamboanga. MHPSS also held a Writeshop for the PJP Special Issue on Disaster Interventions, February 20 – 21.

The Teaching SIG conducted a one day workshop last February 28 entitled “The International Survey of Psychology Education and Training (Challenges for Curriculum Development in Philippine Psychology). Given by Dr. Allan Bernardo at Miriam College, 137 participants joined and learned from this activity.
From March 19-21,  the MHPSS held a “Train the Trainer Program on the Manual on Psychosocial Interventions after Disaster for Secondary School-Aged Children” in Tacloban with 56 attendees.  Moreover, another “Train the Trainer Program on the Manual on Psychosocial Interventions after Disaster for Secondary School-Aged Children” was held for 50 secondary school public school teachers from all over the Philippines in Cebu City.

The second national training on LGBT Psych 101 workshop was facilitated by the LGBT Psychology SIG, the first and only collective of LGBT mental health professionals in South East Asia. Eighteen Filipino psychologists and counsellors took part in a national facilitators training workshop on how to conduct public learning sessions dubbed “LGBT Psych 101″, April 9-11.  The newly trained facilitators came from institutions all over the country, including Batangas State University, Southern Luzon State University, Bicol University, Miriam College, Ateneo de Davao, Ateneo de Zamboanga, and UP Manila.

May was a busy month for the PAP Divisions.  The Educational Psychology Division held a 2-day workshop at the Ateneo de Davao University on Effective Mentoring for Thesis and Research Mentors: Research Supervision Models, Methods, and Outcomes on May 11-12, and was attended by 80 participants.  The Assessment Psychology Division ran a workshop, “Using Projective Techniques in Personality Assessment: Application, Challenges and Issues” in Baguio City, from May 14-15, with 78 participants.  Two workshops were given on May 23. Sixty one attendees joined the Clinical Psychology Division’s “From Fixing What is Wrong to Building What is Strong (Positive Psychology in Practice)” in Miriam College.  The Assessment Psychology Division had their 2nd summer workshop, “Tatlong Panukat: Development, Validation and Applications of Filipino Personality Tests” in De La Salle University.

We are looking forward to even more workshops.  On June 17, the IO Psychology Division will hold a workshop and Consultative Meeting on PRB PAP Career Path Tracking at the Ateneo de Manila University. Likewise, the Counselling Psychology Division will have a workshop offering on “Clinical Case Management using CBT from Intake to Termination” on June 18-19 in Assumption College, Makati.

We are happy to share that the first PAP Student Leadership Seminar was held May 28-30 at Ateneo de Manila University.  Participants were Psych organization officers belonging to different schools from all over the Philippines.  During this time, the first set of PAPJA Board members and officers were elected. They will be very much involved in the coming Papja Convention and serve as point persons for convention committees in January 2016.

Last April 16, the 5th Oath Taking of Registered Psychologists and Psychometricians was held at PICC Manila.  In addition, as part of PAP’s continuing efforts at quality assurance, the application and renewal process for Certified Specialists is ongoing. Certification Application Evaluation Period is scheduled from June to July 2015.

The PAP board also recently concluded their PAP Strategic Planning last June 4-5.

We are now looking forward and preparing for the next big event of PAP – the Joint Conference of PAP 52nd Annual Convention and 11th Biennial Conference of Asian Association of Social Psychology.  This is an international convention in partnership with the Asian Association of Social Psychology (AASP).  The convention dates are August 19-22, 2015 at the Waterfront Hotel, Cebu City.

Mark the dates in your calendar and start making arrangements to be there.  Two more months to go!!!!  We are very much excited to see all of you there 

Till August,

Be Happy Always,

Ola Regala



Dear Registered Psychologists/Psychometricians,
We are happy to invite you to become members of the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP).
Please send us the completed membership form with your proof or PRC Registration (PRC Registration ID as RP or as RPm) through PAP Official email at
Payment may be made at PAP Secretariat Office from Monday to Friday (8:00 am - 5:00 pm) or via bank transaction:
Account Name:    Psychological Association of the Philippines
Account Number: Current Account 0421-020868
Thank you,
Maria Paz Consolacion A. Manaligod, PhD, RP
Executive Secretary


January 12, 2015

Dear PAP Colleagues,

The Certification Committee of the Psychological Association of the Philippines is reminding all PAP Certified Specialists who are due for renewal this year 2015 to renew your Certification as Certified Specialist in the your Specialty Area since your official certification will end on May 31, 2015.  You may check your certification renewal period with PAP Secretariat at 4538257.

In line with this, kindly submit the required documents as stated in the Primer for the renewal of  Psychology Specialist in your Specialty Area  on  or before April 30, 2015 to the Secretariat Office of the Psychological Association of the Philippines at the Philippine Social Science Center in Diliman, Quezon City.  Please include a self-addressed envelope from a courier so that your documents will be returned to you immediately after the evaluation of your papers.

Hoping for an immediate action on this matter. Thank you very much.

Very truly yours,
(Sgd.) Grace Aguiling-Dalisay, PhD
Chairman, Certification of Psychology Specialists



Statement of the PRB-Psychology on Requests for Refund to unused Oath Taking tickets last Dec. 9 due to Flight Cancellations.

It is very sad that the PAP has to face a barrage of complaints and demands for refund re oath taking tickets and schedule in the face of Typhoon Ruby. Please note that the schedule was set a month ago; and that the path of the typhoon, even within the day, was rather unpredictable and did not threaten Manila as initially forecasted. Some of you wanted us to move the schedule but we could not because of the many others who already flew in to Manila for the event. The Board of Accountancy also had their oath taking that day at the PICC and they proceeded as planned. At any rate, the joint oath taking ceremonies went well as scheduled with more than 2,300 inductees and guests.

We certainly understand that some of you could not make it and would like a refund of the ticket you purchased for the event from the PAP. But please realize that the Psychological Association of the Philippines cannot act on your request because they only facilitated the ticket sales for the Board of Psychology who does not have the means to do so. The PRB nonetheless could not and cannot commit itself to a refund simply because the money you paid for the ticket was already committed to PICC and other related service-providers. The proceeds of ticket sales went directly to the food and venue rental, pins, medals, souvenir programs and other related expenses which had to be paid for before the event. 

For those of you who failed to come to the joint oath taking ceremonies at the PICC, please be informed that you still have to take your Oath of the Profession. This is a must if you want to be fully registered and licensed to practice… so the Board of Psychology decided under the circumstance to hold special oath taking ceremonies, either in Manila or in the region, for all those who could not make it last Dec 9 and in all past oath taking ceremonies. We encourage you now to make an official request in coordination with your respective PRC regional office, and for those from the NCR, with the PRB at the Central Office for the required oath taking ceremony so this can be scheduled accordingly. If there are more than 50 inductees, a member of the Board may make herself available to administer the oath with the approval of the Commission. Those who already paid for their oath taking ticket should coordinate with the PRB if payment is to be waived under the new oath taking schedule, provided you submit proof of ticket purchase and proof of flight cancellation for consideration. Please understand however that this should not be considered a precedent to future similar events and circumstances.

Should you have any further questions, please contact the PRB or the PRB secretary. 

General Inquiries
(632) 3100026

Central Office
P. Paredes St. cor. Morayta St.
Sampaloc, Manila
Tel. (632) 3100026
Telefax (632) 7354476



You may apply as a PAP member via online application.

Please follow the steps:

1)    Download the membership form from the Forms Section.

2)    Send your completed form together with your Official Transcript of records (Psychology course e.g. BS/AB course in Psychology, MA/MS in Psychology, PhD course in Psychology ) via email at For those who are licensed psychologists, and psychometricians, please send a copy of your PRC id as well.

3)    Wait for results of application via email

4)    Payment for the approved membership category is needed for activation of your membership with PAP.

Please be reminded that incomplete documents will not be evaluated. Thank You.



Background and Principles:

In 2009, the Psychological Association of the Philippines implemented the program of certifying specialists in the various fields in psychology to recognize and professionalize the practice of psychology in the Philippines, and to inform our publics about the competencies of the different specialists in psychology.  Certification is granted for a three-year period after which, psychologists are required to renew their certification.


1. Active Associate or Fellow of the Psychological Association of the Philippines.

2. Photocopy of PRC License and/or a copy of the PRB Resolution with the name of the applicant marked or highlighted.

3. Educational Requirements: Refer to the area of specialization in the PAP Certification of Psychology Primer for the nature of document (e.g. in Clinical psychology: Master of Arts or PhD in psychology with major/specialization in counseling psychology or clinical psychology)

4. Documented evidence of professional work experience showing consistent work over at least a five-year (5) period: Refer to the area of specialization in the PAP Certification of Psychology Primer for the nature of document (e.g. in Clinical psychology: psychological reports, therapy reports, peer-evaluated research reports, and the like). Proof of community involvement and service related to the applied field of specialization (e.g. community development, humanitarian/relief mission, advocacy activities) organized by legitimate private organizations or local government units.

5. Must have attended within the past three (3) years prior to the date of application conferences, seminars, and continuing education workshops in psychology organized by agencies recognized by the Psychological Association of the Philippines.

 Two sets of all documents should be placed in a long folder with applicants printed name (SANTOS, M. A.) on the ear of the folder.

 Two folders placed inside one long brown envelope (regular or expanded, depending on the amount of documents submitted) with applicants printed name (SANTOS, M.A.) printed on the upper right hand corner of the front side of the envelope, and the area of specialization applied for printed on the upper left hand side.




News & Updates

Want to be a PAP member?



You may apply as a PAP member via online application.

Please follow the steps:

1)    Download the membership form from the Forms Section.

2)    Send your completed form together with your Official Transcript of records (Psychology course e.g. BS/AB course in Psychology, MA/MS in Psychology, PhD course in Psychology ) via email at For those who are licensed psychologists, and psychometricians, please send a copy of your PRC id as well.

3)    Wait for results of application via email

4)    Payment for the approved membership category is needed for activation of your membership with PAP.

Please be reminded that incomplete documents will not be evaluated. Thank You.

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How to get a PAP (PVC type) member Card?

To All PAP Members,

The PAP Board of Directors is issuing new IDs to all PAP members for a minimal cost of P150.00.

For those who would like to avail of the new ID, please send a clear scanned copy of your 1x1 ID photo together with your e-signature to with subject heading: PAP Member ID: Surname, Name and membership Category (affiliate, associate, fellow)

For clarification and inquiries, please call the PAP Secretariat at +632-4538257 or email at


Thank You,

Angela V. Regala, PhD
PAP Executive Secretary

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How to get a PAP (PVC type) Certified Card ID?

To All Certified Specialists,

For those who wish to have their ID’s done, please send a clear scanned copy of your 1x1 ID picture together with your e-signature to with subject heading: PAP Certified ID: Surname, Name and Area of Specialization.

Note: Cost is P100 per area of specialization.

Thank You,

Angela V. Regala, PhD
PAP Executive Secretary

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The 29th PAPJA Convention with the theme "Asian Psychology and Asian Societies in the Midst of Change".


Day 1 (January 22): SMX Convention Center, Pasay City

Day 2 (January 23): Far Eastern University, Morayta, Manila

Tickets sales will begin November 16, 2015.  No on-site registration on January 22

Deadline for pre-registration fee on January 19, 2016. You may send your complete name to PAP Secretariat. For inquiries and concerns, you may call at 4538257, look for Ms. Mercy or Ms. Linda.


Pre-registration Fee from November 16 to December 12, 2015    P700.00
From December 13, to January 19, 2016                                  P750.00        

Thank You.

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NEW! PAP Membership Rates applies

Dear PAP Colleagues,

Please be informed that for renewal of membership fees please see below provided that you pay until May 31, 2014. Otherwise, new membership rates will apply;

Membership Renewal Fees:

Affiliate - 500.00
Associate - 800.00
Fellow - 1,200.00

* Effective June 1, 2013 -  New Membership Rates:

Affiliate - P800.00
Associate - P1,000.00
Fellow - P1,500.00

Account Name: Psychological Association of the Philippines
Current Account Number 0421-020868

Please email the deposit slip to the PAP Secretariat  at to ensure updating of your record.

* New members are applicants who submitted their documents to the Membership Committee and have received an acceptance letter from the Membership Chair. Please check your records if you have been accepted before you pay your dues.

Thank You.

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PAP Mobile Number

Please be informed that the PAP office mobile number is 0915-4225189 (Globe) and 0947-5717629 (Smart).

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