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R. A. 10029 Announcement:

For those who would like to get a copy of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Psychology Law (RA 10029) you may now get your copy.

 You may download it here just copy and paste the url below:

Dear Colleagues,

Please find below an update on IRR Orientation Briefings as prepared by PRB Chair Hon. Miriam Cue for the PRC. Please be guided accordingly.

Thank you very much.

All the best,

Margaret Udarbe-Alvarez
External Relations, PAP
Chair, PAP RA 10029 Committee

So far, the Board has conducted briefings on the IRR of RA 10029 in the following places:

Jan. 29 - for Quezon City, Cavite, Rizal and Quezon Province HEIs and practitioners Host: Univ. of the Phils. in Diliman
Jan. 30 - for NCR and the Mendiola Consortium of HEIs and practitioners... Host: Univ. of Santo Tomas

Feb. 5 - for Baguio City, Regions 1 & 2 HEIs and practitioners... Host: St. Louis Univ. Baguio
Feb. 7 - for DLSU and neighboring schools and institutions... Host: DLS- College of St. Benilde (by Dr. Villar)
Feb. 9 - for Cebu City and Region 7... Host: Univ. of San Carlos
Feb. 11- for Tagbilaran City and Bohol Province... Host: Bohol Island State University in coordination with Holy Name Univ. and the Univ. of Bohol
Feb. 12- for Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental and Region 6... Host: Silliman University

Still to be done are the orientation briefings in the following areas:

Feb. 20 - for NCR and the Intramuros Consortium of HEIs, including FEU, UE and other institutions in the area Host: Lyceum Philippines Univ. (Dr. Villar)
Feb. 22 - for Region 3... Host: Letran, Bataan (Dr. Villar)
Feb. 22 - PRC Davao applications staff
Feb. 23 - for Davao City, Bukidnon, General Santos, Koronadal, Kabacan, Cotabato City and Region 11.. (Organizers/Host: PRC Davao in coordination with San Pedro College)
Feb. 25 - for Cagayan de Oro, Iligan City, Ozamiz City, Misamis Oriental & Misamis Occidental, Marawi City and Region 10... Host: Xavier University
Feb. 27 - for the CALABARZON HEIs and practitioners... Host: FAITH in Tanauan, Batangas (Dr. Villar)
Feb. 28 - for Pampanga and Tarlac areas... Host: Holy Angels Univ. (still to be finalized with Howell Calma)

March 8 - for those in Business and Industry... and I/O Psychology Professors... Organizers/Host: I/O Division of the Psychological Ass. of the Phils (PAP) and the People Mgmt Ass. of the Phils. (PMAP) Venue: PMAP Office in Mandaluyong

We have pending requests but no schedules have been set so far:
PRC Tuguegarao (Dir Rod in coordination with SLU Tuguegarao)
PRC Legaspi
PRC Iloilo
National Center for Mental Mealth, DSWD and government psychologists


Dear Colleagues in PAP,

After meeting with the PRB of Psychology, here is an initial update for you:

1. The PRC is not yet accepting applications for Registration as Psychometrician and/or Psychologist without examination. The system for Pre-Screening Online applications is still being put into place. The earliest possible time this will happen is in early February 2013. We will immediately inform you once this link has been set up by PRC.

2. The first board examination for Licensure as Psychometrician and/or Psychologist will be in the last quarter of 2013 (or no earlier than October 2013). Application to take the examination is one month before the date of the examination. We will immediately inform you once the date for the examination is set by PRC.

3. Please read the IRR and once you determine that you qualify for registration without examination (for psychometrician and/or psychologist), go to the nearest PRC office and pay P900 for each profession as application fee for pre-screening. Be sure to get an official receipt; you will need to indicate the OR number when you apply online as well as indicate what you are applying for: psychometrician or psychologist.

4. Within 8 days after you apply for Pre-Screening online, you will be told whether or not you may submit your documents--by courier or by delivery to the PRC. You will be informed whether or not you are licensed within 30 days after receipt of your documents by PRC and then you pay a fee of P1,050 to register as licensed psychometrician/psychologist.

5. All pre-screening applications must be made online. However, I must remind you that the online system is not yet operational until next month.

The Online Pre-Screening application is just a short form intended to determine whether or not you qualify to apply for registration. What you can do at this time until the online system is in place is to put together all of your documents. You have until May 21, 2015 to apply for registration without examination. Please ensure, however, that you must have completed the minimum requirements (e.g., degree and experience) prior to enactment of the law on June 2, 2010).

The PAP is organizing a series of Briefings regarding the procedure for application in NCR and other places in the country this month and in February. We are also working on FAQs that will be made available in the PAP website soon.

In behalf of PAP President Gina Hechanova, I wish you all the best.


Margaret Helen Udarbe-Alvarez, PhD
External Relations Officer, PAP
Chair, PAP RA 10029 Committee


Dear Colleagues, Members, and Friends of PAP:

In behalf of PAP President Dr. Gina Hechanova, it is our pleasure to announce that today, January 8, 2013, is the designated date of effectivity of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) just released to the PAP by the Professional Regulatory Board (PRB) of Psychology for posting and dissemination to its membership. For inquiries on the Psychology Law and its implementation, please go to the office of the PRB of Psychology located at the PRC, Manila.

We much appreciate your help in disseminating the IRR to as many of our colleagues as possible. Soon, PAP will organize meetings so that the PRB of Psychology may also inform all of us on the details of implementation and schedule of the first board examinations.


Margaret Helen Udarbe-Alvarez, PhD
External Relations Officer, PAP


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RA 10029

For inquiries regarding the Registration without Examination for Psychologists and Psychometricians please direct your concerns to the Professional Regulation Commission.

Thank You

PAP Secretariat 


R.A. 10029
Maria Caridad Tarroja       Welcome To The Forum For RA 10029 06/29/11   04:24 pm

This forum is intended for all RA 10029 (The Psychology Law) concerns and questions, and will be moderated by Dr. Peachy Mendoza and PAP Officers and Board of Directors.